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Hey kids!!

Happy New Year! Happy 2020!! Time for the Roaring 20s! Honestly it's bittersweet to see another year, another decade and also get a chance to write a different chapter this year. 

Now I originally wanted to post this the other day before the New Year but I'm glad things didn't pan out like that. This is actually an awesome reflective moment. Especially for those out there who are trying to start their own little business, shop or store from ground zero and the beginning process is more or less overwhelming. I remember when i first start this journey, I used to get bummed at the fact that my sales or profits weren't as lucrative as I thought they would be. I used to get frustrated when I had customers swindle me as well. It took a lot of self perseverance to overcome those obstacles and keep pushing.

When I started with the Hair Jewelry (yes the hair jewelry was first). At the time I was in a rut, nothing unusual. I'd lost my job and was desperately looking for a new one and it was hard. At the time I also published my first book (frantically) to get some funds in and also keep my sanity. So I had a few friends suggest I start selling with Etsy. Truth be told I was never much of a fan of it. But I decided to give it a shot. 


So below, are ALL my sales in the last 2 years with Etsy. As you can see I only made $25. I decided to leave Etsy Last Summer because I felt like it was a venture that wasn't going to progress. I felt like I had to incorporate more money into this plan than what I was making in return. The sad part was that I really had hopes that this would work out. Even though I was on the fence at the time of setting up the online store.  However it bothered me a lot that the marketing is bias unless you were paying money out the rear. I felt even just trying to promote it people just chalked it up as a regular etsy shop. Mmkay. This ain't gonna work for me. Thus the reason why I was putting more energy in the store, networking and doing events.


Now when I made that decision in June 2019 up until December 2019. Honey, I made more of a profit doing it my own way and being great than I did with Etsy the two years I was on there. With Etsy I was spending about $5 per month just to list HAIR JEWERLY, I would've been super mad if I had added all the other stuff and paying to post it monthly and my only profit was $25 and someone asking me for something and refusing to pay. Yeah NO. 

With all that being said, sometimes you have to explore and find the path that works for you. Things will be slow, frustrating and overwhelming. But with determination and your eye on the prize--you'll definitely get to where you need and want to be. My next destination, I want to open up a Brick & Mortar for Armenea's (as well as publish more books too). It's gonna time and patience and since I work 2+ jobs too....yeah it's gonna be hard but I'm ready for the challenge.


I'm not giving up, so you don't give up! You got this!


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