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Feel the Lovemas

Hi kids!

So I finagled some discount codes for the Christmas Pop-Up Shop back on December 1 that never really got used so I decided to share that with you guys and dolls and also extend it too! So from TODAY all the way up to Christmas Eve there will be discounts for everybody!! 


Here's the timeline babes:

  • NOW until December 21st you can use codes XMASLUV1 ($5 off your entire order), XMASLUV2 (10% off your entire order), XMASLUV3 (Buy 2 Get 2 Free [Armenea products only]).
  • December 22nd to December 23rd is Armenea's Christmas Eve Eve Happy Hour so you can buy 2 items and get 2 items free with code XMASEVE (Armenea products only). UPDATE: We've extend this awesome Happy Hour until TOMORROW!! 


Get out there and get your discounts boo! Ain't no point in shopping if you don't get a little reward too, right? Here at Armenea's we appreciate you too and want you to feel all the love (since hugs are hard to mail lol) here. 


Thanks for being loyal customers to us, we truly appreciate each and every single one of you! 


Happy Holidays!! 




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