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Hey Kids!

Well if you've been keeping up with us (and those of you that are new to the store), as you can see we've added new merchandise in the store! How awesome is that? So we now have clothing, more accessories than you can stick a shake at and we are continuously adding more stuff on the daily! Poor Bunny is exhausted let me tell you lol. But it's all worth it to make you all happy and stylish! So here's the best part! For the new items in the store, we are giving a 30% discount off your entire order of $5 or more this WEEKEND So all the way up until Monday SALE! How bomb is that? Then guess what?? Friday the 13th Happy Hour is just a few days away! So it's totally a win win for you. Check out the new stuff, be on the look out for more items added daily and as always keep in touch! 

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