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The Ro Ro 😩

Hi Kids!!


I know I’m super duper late on this and I apologize because that’s my error and poor management skills lol. But I needed a break. A BIG BREAK. But I’m back! Let’s do this 😁

Ok business first:

Yes we are open during these tough times. Here at Armenea’s we are serious about social distancing and we do practice it to the fullest effect. Has it changed anything within the store? Well some items (clothing, accessories, etc) may not be available due to the current condition of trying to keep everyone safe. I apologize for any delays, miscommunications and yes we will work with you as far as getting refund if necessary. However Armenea’s line of homemade items are still available. Shipping maybe delayed so bear with us as we try to get items out as fast and as soon as possible! But stay home, stay safe and wear your masks and gloves to keep us all safe!

So where have I been? Welp after my job ended abruptly in January, I felt like I needed time to focus on me and get my life together. And slowly but surely it’s all coming together. Had a few changes happen in the last 3 months as well so I’ve been a busy Bunny lol. No worries, I’m going to try and focus on getting more items in the store for you guys and dolls and maybe even start up more specific items like hemp infused products and aloe based products. But all in all I’m ok and we’re doing relatively fine (people have gone crazy after being on punishment here lol). My allergies started to ruin my life about two weeks ago mostly from my cats (yeah I’m allergic to cats and I’m a cat mom—go figure) and I’ve been treading lightly  to keep from going into anaphylactic shock. But during this nightmare I did create an Aloe Scrub that is MARVELOUS DARLING!! It’s helped so much with my hives and itchiness as well. And I’m working on getting out to you all as well, supplies are scarce and limited here 😩 it’s a total buzzkill. But that’s ok. We have time. I have time and we gonna make it thru this alright!? Alright. So stay tuned! If you need something just let me know or give a holler!! 


Any questions or concerns don’t forget to email us or send us a text or a message on messenger!! 


Stay Safe! 😘

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