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We Don’t Do Custom Orders (Sorry not Sorry)

Hey kids!


So I thought I should get this out while I had the chance and before things got crazy for the upcoming holiday sales and whatnots. 

In case you missed it—WE DON’T DO CUSTOM ORDERS. Never have and never will. I hate to be stern about it. But honestly as a business owner it’s annoying and ultimately a waste of time. From a customer stand point I definitely get it! It’s nice to tell someone what you want or your ideas and they implement all that into something spectacular that you’ve always wanted. And you’re equally excited about showing off this awesome new thing to your friends and family and boasting how wonderful this business or business owner is. I definitely get it! And I love every since moment of it. It’s magical as f*ck! 

However for the creator, the owner, the business. It’s not that fun. It’s actually a hellish nightmare pumped up on crack and sugar. I don’t do custom orders because I don’t like the ungratefulness that follows. You want it right now and somethings can’t be done right now. Since I (Bunny) works, I can’t always cater my entire time to Armenea’s like I wish I could. It’s a side business not my main income. So it interferes with my priorities and I personally don’t like that. 

The communication that’s needed always falls thru the cracks. Whether I’m contacting you about color, design, likes/dislikes, ideas—or my favorite—PAYMENT. It goes on a deaf ear. And usually by time things are sorted out and the customer is happy then the payment becomes a BIG BIG ISSUE. Now I’m forced to either fight with you to get payment or I’m stuck with a custom made product to YOUR LIKING that someone else may not want and I wasted time and product that could’ve been used for something else. That’s unfair to me. 

I try to be as lenient as much as possible. If you want a different color or different size. Ok I can dig it. But I’m not going above and beyond. If you say hey Bun I want a resin keychain charm with flowers like this one but can my flower be blue instead of red? Of course I’m all for it. Even more so if you’ve made your payment. Yes I will check with you to make sure your happy with it. However I’m not going to do this spectacular ass custom just for you to play me and not pay for it at the end. That we won’t be doing at all. 


I’m sorry and I hope this doesn’t affect you shopping with us from here forward. But it is what it is. I don’t do customs and I’m not changing my mind on it. 

However if it is requested. Please understand this I’m not working on the project until full payment is received. I need you equally committed. Pay first, custom later. No more custom first and pay later. 

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