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Welcome to the New & Improved Armenea's

Hello, Hello!!


First off thanks so much for coming to visit us. We really appreciate it a lot. Those of you that knew of Armenea's already--welcome back! 


So as you can see we've made some changes around here. Slowly but surely, it'll all come together and it'll be the site that you know and love (or will grow to love). I do apologize for the abrupt change, but with technical difficulties persisting and not going away, I couldn't have a store site in shambles and my customers not be able to buy anything much less be able to carouse the site and not get lost. We upgraded and yes we're still updating products and reviewing inventory so please bear with us as we continue our updates. 


Now we will be adding more products and merchandise to the store as well. Also working on the kinks of adding services to the store. There will be more interaction as well many more events and you guys and dolls will also be able to participate in Armenea's Happy Hour as well! How awesome is that? So stay tune, grab a seat and put on your comfy clothes and enjoy Armenea's Spectacle!


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