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Armenea’s Models

Here at Armenea's we believe not only in handmade and custom products but also enriching our brand and our relationships! 

Please say hello to our models; all the girls are local, everyday, working hard, going to school, taking care of business gals that help make Armenea's an even better place! And you'll see their faces a lot! 



"Boogie Skates" 

 Say Hello to Boogie Skates! She's a Scorpio, she's fun & sassy and always brings good vibes and positive energy wherever she goes. She's one of Top Models here and we love her to death! Boogie is currently working on furthering her education to open up a dope roller rink and she's also the owner of From Head2Toe by Alise, custom made barefoot sandals, anklets & earrings! You should check her out!






Say Hello to Coquito.XO! She's a Virgo, she's Puerto Rican & she's the spice you've been missing in your life! She's our next Top Model and one of our favorite customers! She's a walking talking little ball of happiness and brightens even the rainiest of days. She's a mom of the cutest fur baby named Nala who is beyond adorbs! Have I mentioned she's been just about all over the world too? Coquito.XO is currently helping the sun rise on the West Coast of the world while working like a boss lady should (and having fun of course)! If you meet her say hello! 




Say Hello to Rabito! I'm a multiple trick pony here at Armenea's. If you didn't know...I'm the owner! *ee-yay!*  nice to put a face with a name. You'll definitely see me modeling and wearing a lot of the merchandise we have here, esepcially on social media. So yeah, I'm a Taurus, I usually have colorful hair, a cat mom of two crazy fur babies and I work more jobs than I can keep track of lol. If you ever see me in public say Hello like 5-7 good times I'm a space cadet and I'm usually on some space odyssey of some sort so I'm not paying attention. I make sure to work hard to bring you the very best of Armenea's and myself. 

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