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COVID19 Updates

Hey Everyone!


During these tough times Armenea’s would like to extend a virtual hug. It’s a rough time no doubt and we all need the comfort as well as the support knowing as well as understanding that this is a difficult time for all of us. 

On behalf of every one here I do want to answer a few questions and ease your minds regarding our merchandise in the store. However I do want you to do what’s in your best interest as well. Because your health and safety is a number one priority here. We want to thank you all for your cooperation and understanding. Below are a few questions answered and please check back here for continued updates. 


  • Are you still open during COVID19?
    • ABSOLUTELY! Just be advised that dude to the limited resources available that some items may have limited stock. If you have any questions on inventory please contact us.
  • What are the Precautions you’re taking for COVID19?
    • Here at Armenea’s we always practice safety first. Since a lot of our products are hand made, gloves and constant sanitation of our work area are very important. It’s a routine. Everything sent is wrapped to protect from any damage and in this case any bodily contact. Our items are also kept in tight storage in an office that is disinfected and sanitized often. 
  • Will My Order/Shipping be affected?
    • Honestly? Yes. As long as the item purchased is in stock, processing will still go as planned. If there happens to be an interruption of any sort you will be contacted via email or text. Shipping may take longer due to the current Pandemic. We apologize ahead of time if your order isn’t received in a normal time frame. The carriers have gotten better but there still is a delay from time to time. So please bear with us while we work on getting your shipment to you as soon as possible. 
  • Have your Business Hours changed?
    • Sort of. The store is open 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days. We do honor holidays in regards to shipping and arrival so please be aware of that. More information can be found on the Shipping Page. You can place your order whenever you want. As far as contact (talking to Bunny), availability was Monday-Friday 9:30am to 9:30pm / Saturday 11am to 8:00pm / Sunday 12pm to 6pm. Due to the pandemic availability has changed Monday-Friday 9:30am to 9:30pm / Saturday 12pm to 6:00pm / Sunday CLOSED. If you do try to reach out please allow 1-2 business days for a response. 
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