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I received a damaged/missing item, what now?

That blows and we send our apologies. Please send us a message and we can discuss on getting this sorted out for you. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more information.

The item I received differs from what was pictured?

Please understand that items will differ from what’s pictured. Especially handmade items. If it’s a huge difference or in fact the wrong item. Please contact us, snap a picture and we can discuss getting you the correct item or a refund. 

I want a refund.
Understandable. Please accept our apologies for not getting it right. For any refund requested, please see our Refunds & Returns Policy for instructions. 
I saw an item with $0.00?

The $0.00 amount listed can mean one or two things. First, the $0.00 maybe for a service that has fluctuating pricing (i.e. Rideshares). That means it has a price but depending on what’s provided or how long may affect the price of the service. 

Secondly, the item maybe out of stock or unavailable to ship out at the moment due to inclement weather/unforeseen circumstances. Please check back often to see if that has changed. Or you can subscribed to our Newsletter for updates on new/instock items. 

24-hr Discrepancy? 
You have [two] 24 hours to report a discrepancy. First being after order is placed and paid for. If you change your mind, want to use a different card or found it somewhere else LET US KNOW. Then we can cancel without having to go through the Refund Process. 

Even if it’s damaged, missing or not what you want. Please contact us IMMEDIATELY in 24hrs to start the Return Shipment/Refund process. 

I saw Deposit Required, what does that mean?

A deposit required is for specific orders (same/next day) delivered and certain services provided. It’s to hold your spot/appointment or guarantee delivery. Deposits are non-refundable. If deposit isn’t received order will be mailed per shipping timeframe. If deposit isn’t received appointments/spot will not be held and services will not be provided. 

Please understand that the deposit will be a portion of your total owed. The deposit can range from $1, $5, $10, $20, up to but not more than $50 depending on the total amount (Example: order total is $20 and same/next day delivery requested $5 deposit required. Upon delivery day $15 is the remaining due). 

I have a deposit to pay, how do I do that? 

Deposits can be paid either online, PayPal ( or through Cash App ($Armeneas). If you are local enough cash can be accepted. Please be sure to note that the payment is for DEPOSIT and delivery/service.

When will I get my stuff?

Processing and shipping varies for each item. We do need time to receive your order and process it. Shipping can range from 3-7 business days to 2-4 weeks. So please be patient.

I haven’t received my items?

If you haven’t received your item(s) within the time frames given (above), please reach out to us so we can track the package or do a refund. 

What are your acceptable forms of payments? 

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and Cash App. Cash will only be accepted if the item is being delivered (same/next day) in person (for select products only). 

What items can I pay cash for? 
Items will have an ( ✶ ) indicator in the title and in description. Those items can be hand delivered and cash accepted on delivery. Restrictions apply must be in the Pittsburgh, PA area. All other items and circumstances order will be mailed directly to you. 

I want to use Cash App to pay, how? 

First send a message or a text to us stating the items you want and the quantities. Some one will respond with an invoice and total. Then if everything looks right send payment to $Armeneas with your invoice number with street address and zip code (ex. 123 Main Street 90210). After payment you’ll get an email confirmation. 

What does UA mean?

UA is not synonymous with fake. UA means a item/product that is authentic in the way that it was made in the same factory as the retail item, but it was not authorized for production/sale/distribution.

I’m interested in one of the services?

If you’re interested in one of the services. First and foremost you must reside in the Pittsburgh, PA area. You can call 323.790.4543 to inquire and set up an appointment. If you don’t reach anyone please send a text message instead. 

Ok, so when will services be available in my city? 
Right now it’s a possibility. As Armenea’s continues to grow yes we will do expansions and try to offer services to everyone. Since we’re just starting out we’re testing things out in Pittsburgh, PA. 
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