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The House of Dojalé Adoption


Please read the following terms and conditions in their entirety before asking questions. If you disagree with the below terms and conditions—no sale.


>Pick up only - no delivery

>Prices are non-negotiable

>No refunds

>No returns

>All sales final

>No Holds

>No Discounts

>Kittens will be neutered/spayed on or around October 25th to November 8th. They will need 2 weeks to heal/recover. Please be patient and understanding.

>Pick up days are October 20,2021 (only) and December 1st - 4th,2021. Times will be discussed after payment is received in full. If we have to contact you 3x about what day and/or time you plan on picking up the kitten or you are a no call, no show—transaction and sale is cancelled. This is non-negotiable and no exceptions. Dates are subject to change; you will be notified accordingly.

 >If more than one person picks the same Kitten; you will be contacted and informed. Whomever pays for Kitten in full by due date will get the kitten. If both parties have paid in full then we will do a raffle and whoever is chosen will be notified. The other party will be contacted. 



Deposit is required and included in price, remaining balance will be due 1 week prior to pick up. Deposit is non-refundable. If you would like the Kitten Box please inform at time deposit is made due to the change in price and adjust accordingly.



> If payment has been not received in full by due date—no kitten. After Due Date there are no payment arrangements. No exceptions. No Discounts. No Holds.

>CashApp, Venmo, PayPal & Zelle acceptable forms of payments ONLY - NO CASH, NO CHECKS. The previous page also has payment options at the bottom of the screen (link below in Donations if you lost your way). Payment links have also been included below as well. If you'd like to make your Deposit & Payment on the website please click here.


CashApp: $Armeneas

Venmo: @Armeneas

PayPal: @LLR2





Please be aware Prices are subject to change due to healthcare costs and care expenses.  

Pop up wheel coupons or any other Armenea's discount codes CANNOT be used for the kittens. If you try, no sale. 


Early Kitten $100

Flea collar, no shots, not fixed, litter trained, can eat wet/dry food. Deposit is $50 ($60 if Kitten Box wanted). Ready for pick up on 10/20/2021 ONLY. Payment Due Date 10/13/2021.


Fixed Kitten $250

1st set of shots w/ copy of records, fixed, litter trained, can eat wet/dry food. Deposit is $50 ($60 if Kitten Box wanted). Ready for pick up 12/01/2021 thru 12/04/2021. Payment Due Date 11/26/2021.


Kitten Box $40 Optional

1 Litter box | 1 bag of litter | 1 litter scoop | 2 Food bowls | 1 large container of food | 2 water bottles | 1 blanket | 1 bag of treats| Cat toys




$50 (deposit) - $100 (early kitten) = $50 (remaining balance) due 10/13/21

$50 (deposit) - $250 (fixed kitten) = $200 (remaining balance) due 11/26/21


Including Kitten Box (optional | +$40) 

$60 (deposit) - $140 (early kitten) = $80 (remaining balance) due 10/13/21

$60 (deposit) - $290 (fixed kitten) = $230 (remaining balance) due 11/26/21




Montero   - white w/ hints of grey
T’Challa ♂black/white
Lizzo ♀grey/white
Onyx ♀grey
Ilea ♀black tabby w/ hints of white




We are accepting donations! if you’d like to help out The House of Dojalé we could use receiving blankets, Kitten Milk Replacement (powder/liquid), Kitten wet foods, Litter, Toys, & Scratchers (cardboard preferably!)

If you’d like to send a monetary donation instead Anything helps! All proceeds to the care of Kittens and Dojalé and getting everyone the healthcare they need. 



Now that you've read everything above, if you have questions please fill out the form below or visit our contact us page for other available options. 

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